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Get Ready for Some Precision Flying!


In Night of the Firefly, you are Flint, a spunky firefly with a powerful lighter of a tail. Your girlfriend, Esmeralda, has been captured and stuck in a pickle jar by a mean—yet somewhat clueless—young boy named Timmy. Your mission: Rescue Esmeralda while avoiding capture yourself!


You’ll journey through 14 levels in two unique locations with the goal of lighting up objects with your tail. Light up all the objects to clear each level! It won’t always be easy, though. Timmy has set up plenty of obstacles to block your path. You’ll need to fly over crates, through cinder blocks, under logs, and around dangerous items like bug zappers and frogs!


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You do have a few tricks up your sleeve, though. Heart, Bolt, and Leaf tokens give you special protection. Some of the items Timmy has left lying around can be turned into your weapons. Hit Timmy in the head to knock him out and gain precious seconds! But hurry—every moment you fly, your score decreases. Clear the levels quickly for the highest score!

A totally unique side-scrolling platformer with fun, original graphics and heart-pounding, puzzle-solving action. More episodes to come in free updates will take you to more fun locations with even bigger missions and more explosive objects to light up.

Meet the Characters

Flint is our hero, and you get to control him! As Esmeralda's spunky boyfriend, he's peeved that Timmy has trapped her in his pickle jar, and he'll stop at nothing to rescue her.
Esmeralda is Flint's lovely pink girlfriend. She wound up in Timmy's jar and has no hope of escape without her heroic boyfriend, Flint. But why let the boys have all the fun? If you prefer, you can play as Esmeralda and free Flint from the jar!
Nine-year old Timmy Bane is the boy who discovers the hapless firefly duo in his backyard. He wants nothing more than to have both of them in a jar in his bedroom, and he's willing to chase Flint through level after level to capture him!


Your Arsenal

You'll have a little help along the way. There are a few items sitting around that Flint can knock onto Timmy's head. With enough blows to the head, Timmy will be out for the count, giving you precious seconds to complete your mission! You can also find special tokens that give you extra protection or open up blocked paths!





Secret Missions

So, you've cleared all the levels...but did you get all the star pieces and earn the episode Star badge? Each level has specific secret missions you must accomplish before you get a star piece. All of them include reaching a certain score, but you'll also have to pick up certain tokens, light invisible items, or escape from hungry owls. Find out what the secret missions require by liking Night of the Firefly on Facebook. We will randomly post the requirements on our Facebook page from time to time!


Star Badge